Troubling Upholstery Clean

Troubling Upholstery Clean

Problem areas

  • A visible ‘watermarks’ appeared on a 2 seater sofa after professional cleaning.
  • Mild soiling in usual areas seems not to have been removed.
  • The fabric colour on the 2 seater sofa and top of the back frame, seems to have faded.
  • After six return visits, the items were not cleaned to a satisfactory standard, and the ‘watermarks’ are still visible.
  • Some stains on the 4 x dining chairs were not removed.

Possible Causes

  • It seems that a cleaning product has been applied to the fabric, but not thoroughly rinsed out, or rinsed at all.
  • It is possible that a crystallising shampoo method was used to carry out the cleaning, but was applied too thoroughly and absorbed by the fabric and the filling. This could have caused a wicking effect.
  • According to the client, two operators took approximately 55 minutes, to complete the cleaning. I would suggest/allow a minimum of three man-hours to carry out the above work. Therefor not enough time taken to ensure a satisfactory result.

On site Testing

  • I test cleaned three areas of concern: the ‘water mark’, an armchair cushion, and the small chair. With a simple pre-treatment and extraction clean, the cushion and small chair cleaned to a satisfactory standard. An improvement was made on the ‘water mark’. This may need a more thorough rinse.
  • I treated a stain on the small chair with an oil-based stain remover, resulting in a 100% improvement.


  • After six visits, the company failed to clean the items to a satisfactory standard.
  • I would consider it reasonable the company offers the client a full refund. Or they cover all cost to allow Mrs Blunt employ another professional cleaning company, to clean the items to her expectations.

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